7 Ways an Open Photo Booth Rental Can Take Your Party to the Next Level

There’s always a party happening somewhere in South Florida. From Miami to Fort Lauderdale and all of Broward County in between, the sunny skies and warm weather mean that people are outside, celebrating at weddings, corporate events and family parties. What better way to commemorate fun times than with an open photo booth rental? Here are seven ways that having a photo booth will kick your celebration up a notch.

Skip the Roving Photographer

Hiring a professional photographer to shoot your event can run into the thousands of dollars. Plus, attendees are taking their own shots on their cell phones anyway. You can skip the traditional posed photos and choose an event photo booth rental for just a fraction of the price.

Props Provided

In fact, the term “photo booth” is a bit of misnomer. There is no booth needed. Your open photo booth rental comes with a backdrop, camera and props table, so the space is not enclosed. That means the “booth” is an attention-grabber, naturally drawing people over to take fun shots using an array of props that the party photo booth rental company provides.

Simple Setup and Takedown

Because there is no actual booth structure, the setup and takedown of the photo mechanism are simple and fast. Your event photo booth rental service will have the booth ready to go in just minutes, and the touchscreen operations are easy for guests to use.

Keepsake Photos

Not only are the photos taken in a booth fun to shoot, they evoke fond memories of a signature event every time someone looks at them. Photos can even have custom graphics at the bottom to show your name and event date.

Social Media Integration

People using the photo booth will want to print copies of their shots, but they also have the option to post them immediately to the web on their social media feeds or send them along in an email to themselves.

High-Quality Shots

The cameras on event photo booth rentals provide high-resolution shots using a DSLR camera. You won’t have to worry about guests complaining about grainy photos.

Customized Option

You get to choose which backdrop you’d like to have in the booth as well as the types of graphics show up at the bottom of the photos. You can even choose with props you want or provide a few of your own. If you’ve started a hashtag to commemorate your wedding, the photo booth is a great place to include it for another type of customization.


Choosing a party photo booth rental is a fun option for guests and economical opportunity for your event.