Chose a Photo Backdrop That Will Make Your Party Pop

Everyone loves a good open-air photo booth, and creating the best booth starts with the backdrop. In South Florida, you can provide your own backdrops for photo booths, or you can choose from those offered by the rental company. Weddings are ideal places to include selfie shots, and don’t forget to offer fun props for wedding photo booth. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Depending whether you are hosting a corporate event, a wedding or a holiday celebration, adding branding to the backdrops for photo booths is a fun idea. Here are some options:

  • Have a backdrop with your event hashtag printed on it.
  • Include a curtain with your company logo all over.
  • Go all-out with a backdrop featuring a logo, website and hashtag.


For non-branded backgrounds, many people are choosing items that offer a lot of texture for a sort of 3-D effect. Consider one of these options:

  • Branches or plants provide an outdoorsy, naturalistic effect
  • Hanging paper pom-pons or pinwheels are a colorful option
  • Balloons may be placed at various heights to create a backdrop wall.


Another option is to provide flat backdrops for photo booths that are printed with creative designs. These can play into the overall party theme, if you like, such as:

  • Include a wall of golden chevrons for a Great Gatsby-themed event
  • Vivid lime green circles in a vintage pattern would be great at a 1960s-themed party.
  • A sheet of lace would be a perfect backdrop for wedding photo booth.

Wacky Choices

If you want to get a little bit far-out with the photo booth backdrop, you can try some of these options. And don’t forget to include fun props for wedding photo booth:

  • Hanging marshmallows can look like snow at winter weddings. Add large snowflakes to the props table.
  • Sheets of silver or gold tinsel might work well at an anniversary party.
  • Fabric garlands hanging vertically are beautiful for photo booths at weddings.

These ideas for photo booth props and backdrops should get the ball rolling if you want to provide your own backgrounds in a photo booth.