Save Money and Get Instant Gratification With a Party Photo Booth Rental

Most important celebrations that happen in South Florida – think quinceaneras, proms and Sweet 16 parties – include the services of a traditional roving photographer. He or she takes candid shots and posed pictures throughout the event, and attendees have to wait weeks before they can see the results. What if there was a better way? An open-air photo booth is perfect for these celebrations. Consider these benefits.

Photo Booths Are More Fun

The traditional school dance photo setup usually includes a prom photo backdrop that couples take turns standing in front of while the photographer snaps away. A photo booth is so much more interactive and entertaining than the customary method. Attendees get to dress up, choose their props, take as many shots as they want and pose with any guests they want. The fun times can be shared with many people, not just the guy or gal that brought you.

See Immediate Results

Most quince photography in Miami features the celebrant posing with all her family members in turns, along with many shots of the father-daughter dance. But with a photo booth, the guest of honor can take fun shots with grandma while both are wearing giant sunglasses or cram into the photo booth with 15 of her closest cousins. Then, the shots can be printed out in hard copy for immediate viewing, or the photos can be posted to social media feeds thanks to integrated photo booth software.

Take the Shots Online in Real Time

Not every invited guest is able to attend every Sweet 16 celebration, but with a Sweet 16 photo booth rental, people who were not able to come or who live very far away can follow the fun in real time by watching an online photo gallery of all the shots that are being taken in the booth. They can even use social media platforms to react to all the photos and share comments live.

It is time to take traditional photography at events like prom, quinceaneras and Sweet 16 parties to a new level. Photo booth rentals are the ideal way to boost the fun level without elevating the price.