Skip the Boring Corporate Photos by Adding Photo Booth Fun

Have you even looked at traditional photos from corporate events? It is usually a bunch of people wearing name tags sitting around a table. Generally, only a few faces are visible, and the centerpiece likely is blocking the view of others seated there. Or, you’ve got a bunch of people in suits standing stiffly in a row in front of the company backdrop. Wouldn’t it be fun to create a different type of corporate event images? We’ve got some ideas how companies can change things up.

What Types of Events?

The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to company events that would be elevated by the inclusion of an open-air photo booth. Here are some ideas:

  • Holiday parties at the end of the year or during the summer
  • Milestone celebrations such as company anniversaries or employee retirements
  • Product launch parties or marketing events
  • Conventions and trade shows

Taking Real-World Events to Virtual World

Because not everyone can attend your company celebration, launch party or trade show presentation in person, a corporate photo booth rental is the perfect solution for reaching a bigger audience using the internet. Photo booths are fully integrated with social media feeds and email, so shots snapped at events can be uploaded quickly and viewed by anyone. When you add in branding opportunities such as custom photo skins, you elevate your brand recognition to a new level.

Making the Right Corporate Photo Booth Hire

The best open-air photo booth company offers a range of additional features at reasonable prices. Here are some of the options you can expect to enjoy:

  • Green-screen technology allows you to adjust your backdrop as desired.
  • Customized photo booth mechanism
  • Branded photograph prints
  • Event-appropriate props or provide your own branded items
  • Friendly photo booth attendant who will keep the fun moving

When it comes to capturing out-of-the-ordinary corporate event images, choosing a corporate photo booth is the logical choice. Not only will guests have more fun, the company can leverage those photos as branding opportunities.